Here to talk shit.

Father, Husband, Grandfather, Graphic Designer, Web Designer are just a few things to add to the long list of roles that make up this site’s meaning. I’m a PROUD Arizonian and Republican. Yep, we’re going to talk religion somewhere along the way probably. I believe these topics need to be discussed more right along with the best fishing practices and locations in our beautiful state. I’m by far not an expert on any subject, but if I open my mouth, I might be drunk, or I know what I’m talking about. 

The topics below are in order of priority and the frequency of which I’ll post.


Why are you here?


Well for starters my wordsmithery sure as shit didn’t bring you here. I am honest, I will show you my mistakes and my downfalls. I’m very passionate about gardening. It’s very relaxing and allows me to quality control what kind of food my family has access to. In recent years I did old school row no-dig gardening. In October we move into our new house. I’ll be building our raised beds and using the square foot gardening practice. To hopefully get a handle on my waste and also produce higher yields in a smaller square foot. (see what I did there?) LOL

Arizona Fishing

I was in Boy Scouts when I was a kid, just some camping fishing. I finished out Scouts as an Eagle Scout. I recently just picked up fishing again and have been obsessed with just getting up in the mountains. Here I’ll log my spots of where I fished with stats that reflect the outcome of that day with a map pin drop and potential locations that I plan on fishing.

Web Design || Graphic Design

As said in my bio, I’ve been doing graphic and web design for a little short of two decades. Here I’ll show some of my personal and client design work, wither its web design or graphic design. I’ll shed light on some of the techniques I use or have adapted to over the years. I might do a few tutorials to show how to apply these styles.