Willow Springs Lake

1:03 AM
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This was a very last min trip up to my buddy Mike’s cabin up near Pason. This was the first time for new Revo which worked out really well. I have a 10lbs test braided with a fluorocarbon leader roughly 5ft long tied together with a blood knot. We took his canoe across the opposing shore from the launching dock. Waided out from the shore about 50 ft and fished from noon till 4ish. I finally got a smallie with my all pink Foxtail. It was overcast most of that day or I would blame it mainly on the time we went out. It is a beautiful lake I highly suggest using some kind of watercraft to get around the lake maybe next time we’ll explore other areas of the lake. Just to give heads up on this lake I would say it isn’t huge mainly small watercraft here so, it is nice and relaxing without a ski boat blowing by you as you fish.


What went down


Caught 1 Small Mouth


34.31236, -110.87414


August 22, 2020


We got there mid day and had some action just not enough

Willow Springs Lake