December here we come!

Cold Snap Raised Beds Row Covers Winter Season

This has been a very long Fall transition for us here in Arizona Zone 9b. Throughout October we had highs of 80 degrees for over 28 days. Everything I sowed this fall was very hit or miss. My direct sow plants were or at least it seemed to be that they were suffering from being stunted. Not sure if it was how warm our fall was or if I sowed too early, not sure. Dealing with low tunnels here with the layout I have proves to be difficult. The corner is a major pain in the ass. I’ll be pulling the beds apart at the end of the season to do some repairs from the way that I did the original corner. The last bed I build was roughly 11 feet long by 4 feet wide ID. I think that is the max I want the beds to be from this point forward. much more manageable. I’m going to watch the weather tonight and see how low we’ll get. I don’t think it will be a cold snap, but we’ll see.