New Garden Beds

Direct Sow Fall Season Germination

This month we’re moving to our new house. With that in mind, I’ve been planning out how to make the beds. As efficient as possible with the room we have. My wife refused to attempt to help me with the gardening hobby. After the past three different garden setups, I might have her convinced she should help. This round, I will be practicing a square foot gardening and no dig. I know many people will try to tell me that if I’m doing. SQFT Gardening, then I’ll already be doing No-Dig. FAKE NEWS! I’ve seen way too many people on Instagram and You Tube that the end of their growing season, they till, dig or flip their soil, which in my opinion, defeats the purpose of SQFT Gardening. Mel would smack you if he saw you doing such. With us staying in this house for longer than a year like the last house. I want to be more meticulous on my logging on how much we harvest and locations throughout the season. I’ll make it available on my site to show how I go about doing that and showing its value. I only know one gardener website in AZ, Angela, over at Growing In The Garden. She is a great source of information and is genuinely a nice person that likes to help her followers. Many of you will know that growing here in Arizona (Zone 9) is much different from many locations. Back to the topic. I think I’ll be making an L shaped bed roughly 4ft wide and 36 feet in total length. I’m hoping to have enough time to get everything I need done at the new house then jump into building these before I miss the window of planting. I could always throw fleece on the rows and get them into the ground anyways. Last year I actually got my sowing in way to early and stunted my growth and pushed back harvest about a month. Next post, My next post, I want to start documenting how I do my layout planning.