Seed Saver Exchange

Direct Sow Fall Season Germination Seed Buy Day

Amish snap pea $3.25 a quantity 75 seeds
Detroit dark red beat $3.25 quantity of 100 seeds
Burpees golden beat $3.25 quantity of 100 seeds
Scarlet Nantes carrot $3.25 250 seeds
America spinach $3.25 quantity of 250 seeds
Winter density lettuce $3.25 quantity of 500 seeds
Early fortune cucumber $3.25 quantity 25 seeds
Tall Utah celery $3.25 quantity 500 seeds
Long island improved Brussels sprouts $3.25 quantity 100 seeds
Early snowball cauliflower $3.25 quantity of 100 seeds
Lacinato kale $3.25 quantity of 150 seeds
Purple top white globe turnip $3.25 quantity 250 seeds
Prize Choy Asian green $3.25 quantity 500 seeds

TOTAL :$49.70

When I planted these they were it was pretty hot outside seemed to stunt growth. Just started getting germination maybe a month later. Make sure to wait till it gets cooler for these types. For seeds to come up was the spinach celery did not make it.