2019 Fall Garden

This is garden was from our last house.

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We’re going to take this back a ways to show you how this interest became a damn near obsession. It’s 1986 in a small town in central California. ( which I don’t like to admit ) Anyways! I was 6, and my family and I just moved into a new home, one with a much more usable backyard. Between my Grandmother and my Mom, gardening was a thing I was exposed to reasonably early in life. Not all of it was veg, right off the start. Just imagine a hoarder’s dream come true of a backyard. Birdbaths, old wheelbarrows, and then a bunch of random shit just thrown into the mix to act as other useful and not so valuable for gardening. Then, as I got older, I started to appreciate some of my mother’s things in her menagerie of a backyard. She’s ( my mom ) has always been a little bit of a hippy. Which is where I think I get my interest in some of my hobbies. 

Fast forward roughly to ’08, I started doing container gardening very loosely. I don’t think I was very into it as I always wanted a backyard to plant my garden. Apartment living forced container gardening to be enough. November 2017, my wife and I decided to get our of Oregon ( we’ll discuss that later ). We rented a house, and I had to do some gardening regardless of our landlord’s so-called rules. Shit 3 months into our lease, I had built a chicken coop and had raised beds where I could have them. 

Arizona is so much different than any type of environment than I’ve ever gardened in. Such small windows of opportunity to sow and harvest. Which is more or less all year round with the help of shade cloth. As I’ll explain throughout my journaling.

Below is the most recent posts that I have for this section. Wither people read this or not, I will be showing the non-edited side of gardening. Essentially, I want the reader to learn with me and from my mistakes. 

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